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Not meaning to hijack the thread, I flashed a non-M DSC to the M3DSC tonight and there was nothing special to be done.

Original ZB was 6862873.
I flashed it in expert mode with ZB 7846816 (only one)

You need a DSC90 abs unit. I believe this is standard on 6 cylinder cars, don't know. I was worried about the size difference in 0pa files (1822kb vs 2059kb) but the flash went fine. UIF updating failed so the ZB number reads 000000. This may be fixable with tool32 or you know, just flash again in comfort mode.

I then coded with blank man file and *WD92, $2MD in the VO. Then used ISTA/D to do the valve adjustment, error clearing. All working.

DSC switch will have to be rewired. 1M M-drive works now, throttle is quite touchy but I like it. I'm experimenting to see if I can make servotronic switch between COMFORT_STROM and SPORT_STROM. I'm pretty sure MDM works but without the switch I can't tell.

M3DSC flash,
CIC with newer software (MDRIVE_RUEKO needs to be aktiv so source button doesn't work anymore)
M3 kombi (probably optional but the EPS warning will go on instead of Mdrive)
*rewire DSC switch


P.S I am getting some cruise control errors surrounding LDM. My car is 08/03 with 544 so no LDM. I am adding one for ACC so we'll see if the M3DSC can work with active cruise...

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