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Originally Posted by Superwofy View Post
Not meaning to hijack the thread, I flashed a non-M DSC to the M3DSC tonight and there was nothing special to be done.
No worries at all mate, I am more than happy for people to contribute, I've recently started a new Engineering job in the Oil & Gas industry, and haven't had a free minute for my hobbies in 2 months

Originally Posted by Superwofy View Post
Original ZB was 6862873.
I flashed it in expert mode with ZB 7846816 (only one)

You need a DSC90 abs unit. I believe this is standard on 6 cylinder cars, don't know. I was worried about the size difference in 0pa files (1822kb vs 2059kb) but the flash went fine. UIF updating failed so the ZB number reads 000000. This may be fixable with tool32 or you know, just flash again in comfort mode.
Thanks for your input, yeah it's not a hard process by any means, all the memory blocks of both DSC ECU's lineup perfectly, there are a couple of empty blocks in the 1M DSC from memory, hence why the size difference comparing the 0pa files, but apart from that, there's nothing to worry about.

The 1M DSC software is atrocious, it's way too interfering. The E82 1M is naturally a much more unstable chassis than the non-M cars, very short and wide wheelbase, running massive sway bars for its size and weight (specially the rear bar), soft springs, dampers with high compression, it also uses the same GKN Visco-Lok LSD diff from the E9x M3, which is quite slow to react, and doesn't work well on cars with short wheelbases (due to lifting the inside wheel off the ground when thrown hard around sharp corners, free spinning of inside wheel for ~0.3s, then sudden locking of the LSD clutches causes the rear end to go into snap oversteer). The least sorted car to ever come out of BMW ///M is the E82 1M, it was a rush job, and a parts bin special pretty much. Some people will argue that that's what makes it fun and special, but I disagree personally.

As a result of the above, BMW programmed the 1M DSC software to be very interfering to catch you in case you lose control of the car. Even when you fully turn off DSC, you still have stuff like CBC (Corner Brake Control)... etc. remain on, which isn't the case on the E9x M3.

The solution to above, is to flash the 1M DSC software, and then code the NETTODAT file with the data from the M3 GTS Coupe. The M3 GTS was sold from factory with wider and gripper tyres, Pirelli P ZERO CORSA in 255 wide Front and 285 wide Rear, and out of box it had crap load more grip than any other E8x/9x car. It had KW Clubsport 3-way coilovers, stiff springs, stiff dampening, solid subframe mounts... etc.

Most of the enthusiast-owned N54/55 cars are already on a similar level of suspension setup to the M3 GTS. So it's a good idea to mimic the M3 GTS values across to the 1M DSC software (or even non-M DSC). Also, if you don't have a LSD yet, remember to turn on the e-diff lock in the 1M DSC too, cause ///M cars have it off from factory cause they came with a LSD of course.

Originally Posted by Superwofy View Post
P.S I am getting some cruise control errors surrounding LDM. My car is 08/03 with 544 so no LDM. I am adding one for ACC so we'll see if the M3DSC can work with active cruise...
Believe it or not, 1M didn't come with ACC (Active Cruise Control), it only came with the mediocre base CC (Cruise Control) that you get on a 116i hatchback , and the 1M DSC is hardcoded for that.

After many wasted hours of messing around, I still managed to get ACC working on the 1M DSC, however it doesn't display my cruise control speed on the cluster. You know that dot that 3er have on the cluster that travel up and down on the speedo to indicate the speed that ACC is set to? 1er cars and 1M don't have it, so the DSC will never provide the cluster with this data to display.

Ultimately, if you're not too hooked on having that ///M button on the steering wheel, I recommend sticking with the original DSC, and code it to be fun (copy NETTODAT data from the M3 GTS, turn off nannies... etc. I'll do a writeup on this next week, as I've been asked way too many times over the last 2 years or so).

Originally Posted by Superwofy View Post
DSC switch will have to be rewired. 1M M-drive works now
On non-M cars the signal is carried through the JBBF, on the E9x M3 the signal is carried through the MSS60 DME, on the 1M the signal goes straight to the DSC module itself.

Originally Posted by Superwofy View Post
throttle is quite touchy but I like it.
I hated the 1M throttle calibration with the M button pressed, 30% accelerator input, gets translated to 60% throttle input , by the time you press 60% of the pedal travel, it's full throttle already, and the rest of the pedal is a deadzone, rubbish! what the hell where they doing?! , it's a stupid way to trick the noobs that the car wakes up or becomes more responsive with the press of button.

I prefer linear throttle on these cars, specially when tuned, they make a lot of low end torque and it's very hard to control wheel spin on corner exit, makes it harder to drive and you end up with slower overall track times.

I have changed the throttle request table on the tune to make the ///M button throttle very flattened, to give me as much precise control on power output as possible. 10% pedal travel is 10% torque request, 20% pedal travel is 20% torque request. 80% is 80%... etc.

When the M button is not pressed, I also runs a semi-linear throttle mapping on the tune, not as flattened, but still not as stupidly overboosted as the stock 1M ///M button mode.

Originally Posted by Superwofy View Post
I'm experimenting to see if I can make servotronic switch between COMFORT_STROM and SPORT_STROM. I'm pretty sure MDM works but without the switch I can't tell.
Won't work, the MSS60 DME used for the V8 S65 motor controls the steering weight (controls all of //M Drive functions actually), I have the MSS60 OLS file, and there's a table for it there. There are 2 modes, "Komfort" and "Sport", if you graph the data in the tables, you can see the difference in steering weight. On the 1M (and all other non-M cars), the Servotronic is controlled by the JBBF module (must be at minimum JBBF2), there's one table there instead of the two in the E9x M3 (one for comfort and one for sport), and it has the steering assistance plotted against the vehicle speed. All the data is hardcoded, and you can't switch between two presets using the //M button on the steering wheel like you can on the E9x M3 (1M doesn't have this feature either).

But you can hardcode your own data in the JBBF, and just let it be, I personally prefer consistency with these things, would rather have the steering wheel behave similarly under all circumstances. Much easier to improve my driving skills that way, instead of having different modes with different steering feels to go through... etc.
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