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Originally Posted by vespa View Post
I just combined several approaches to find a 12 step program. Here goes:
Thanks vespa.

I tried to use the automated method using USB stick (by portalseo):,
but it returned a generic/incorrect VIN of "1234567" due to my car's older production date of 2009-09-25.

More info on the generic/incorrect VIN can be found here:

So I ended up buying an ENET to OBD2 Connector and followed vespa's method as per this thread.

In case others may find this useful, here's a summary of my experience:
  • In step 2, I left DNS blank.
  • Step 5 didn't prompt me for a username nor password (I used Firefox on Windows 10 1903).
  • In step 6, clicking UP didn't work, so I clicked on the folder names instead (HBpersistence, then Normal).
  • My downloaded 'generalPersistencyData_DiagnosticSWTController' file was 26.0 KB in size (which I think is larger than normal).
  • In step 9, the search for "01 01 00 1B" found 20 hits. The first 13 hits contained a generic/incorrect VIN of "1234567", and the next 7 hits (14th to 20th) contained my correct VIN number (last 7 characters).
  • All seven 1b.hex files that I extracted from the "01 01 00 1B" segments with correct VIN number (14th to 20th) were identical.

I used one of the identical 1b.hex files to generate an FSC Code (Lifetime) using Jagaer's FSC Generator:
and used the FSC code to update my PREMIUM navigation maps.

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