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I've been super busy with work, and I took my car on a driving trip for a few days in Tasmania with some friends

Originally Posted by GovernUrMental View Post
Nice result Would be interested to see more about your VANOS settings about reducing the cam overlap. Did you mainly reduce it in the idle and cruise area?
So BMW uses VANOS mainly for efficiency not for power. Exhaust gas is inert, and doesn't have much oxygen for combustion, the DME uses the VANOS solenoids to control the valve opening time to create a slight overlap between the exhaust and intake cams.

This will allow some of the exhaust gas to recirculate back inside the cylinder, and go backwards towards the intake manifold, instead of having all of exhaust gas escaping out of the exhaust valves.

On the next combustion cycle, when fresh air comes through, the cylinders won't be completely filled up with fresh air, they'll be partially filled with fresh air and partially filled with recirculated exhaust gas from the previous combustion cycle.

This effectively reduces the engine size, because exhaust gas is inert, so if you fill 20% of the cylinder capacity with inert gas, you've effectively reduced the size of the engine from 3.0L down to 2.4L, so it improves fuel economy by making it behave like a smaller engine.

The above, is why BMW has never bothered with all these cylinder deactivating/disabling techniques that American and some Jap car manufacturers applied to their engines.

Downside to the above, the engine head runs hotter when EGR is active, because the exhaust gas is very hot obviously. The other discovery, a friend of mine found out that if the EGR is disabled, the engine doesn't require to be walnut blasted as often. The theory is, the hot exhaust gases flowing back through the intake valves, cause the oil film on the intake valves to get caked on the valves forming that solidified carbon powder you see on the intake valves and ports. After disabling EGR, intake valves look spotless after 13,000km. They just have a slight grey-ish shade, I'll wait till I've put 30,000km on it since reducing EGR and recheck.

I didn't it disable it completely, only just reduced it by significant margin. I haven't been paying attention to fuel consumption, so I can't comment on that, but I reckon there'll be a slight increase with EGR reduced. Wrong cars to buy for fuel economy anyway haha

When the engine is underload, or any situation where you're hard on the throttle, the DME disables EGR immediately and cylinders gets fed fresh cold compressed air for best power output.

Originally Posted by Superwofy View Post
I assume the way you enabled ACC is NETTODAT at 00300012 to enable ECBA.

"Additional DSC functions
ECBA interface (Electronic Control
Brake Actuation) for ACC via LDM
(Longitudinal Dynamics Management)
The ACC request in the DSC with regard to
pressure build-up, pressure recording and
modulation at the wheel brakes is optimally
implemented in terms of deceleration and
comfort via the ECBS interface."

On the M3DSC I'm unable to change Nettodat for diff lock or ECBA. Always getting this:

[SERIE] 2061 PABD/CABD A_E65.IPS NettoDat 450
[SERIE] Fehler beim Codierdaten schreiben DSC_87, C_C_AUFTRAG: ERROR_ECU_REQUEST_OUT_OF_RANGE

Unmodified E92 m3 nettodat CI.08:

B 00300000,0010,8F,03,00,AB,E6,CD,A6,80,40,B3,03,E5,E4,7A,20,00
B 00300010,0010,00,00,00,00,80,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00
B 00300020,0010,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00, 00,00,00,00
B 00300100,0001,07

No idea why NCS fails to write to these sections. Was wondering if you encountered similar problems? I may just flash it to E82M and mess around with the coefficients. Can you confirm that the E82M dtc button is wired directly to the DSC block? Newtis doesn't list the DSC switch diagram like it does for E92.
Interesting, I didn't have any issues when I coded mine, it worked from the first time with no issues.

I looked up the wiring diagram for the E9x M3 and the E82 1M DTC button a while back, and they both go straight to the DSC module (not through the JBBF like the non-M cars). Check the wiring diagrams before doing any work on it.

Originally Posted by mwa12E93 View Post
you are a facking genius. There was a semi-casual mention of bluetooth connection w/ a gopro to the CIC iDrive. Is it possible that the same trick would work to stream video from my iPhone to the iDrive?
Can't stream videos on the CIC, only on the NBT iDrive, and it can't be streamed wirelessly. The videos will need to be played off a USB stick plugged in.

Originally Posted by tvrdas View Post
Great car build. Can you help me with DSC settings? Its better to get M3 DSC or flash 335i DSC? Got 335i with LSD and im looking for better settings to my track build.
Flash all the nannies off the 335i DSC, there's nothing wrong with the 335i DSC. The M3 DSC just has a stronger hydraulic pump to cope with the bigger brake calipers. In theory if you're using your car on the track, you don't want much DSC interference anyway, so the weaker DSC pump of the standard 335i is a bliss. Just keep your 335i DSC and kill all the nannies off it by coding.

I've received a ton of pm's about other subjects, I'll reply to them over the next few days, I've just been flat out busy. I try to visit the forums once a week, ends up becoming once every 2 months! So damn busy with work
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