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Hey guys, here is my update as promised...

Car : 2008 E92
Mod : none (except LET stage 1 flash)

A little background of myself :
Honestly, I'm not a mechanic. I'm just a guy with a 335 and a few hundred dollars in my pocket that wants to go faster without all the hassles, calculations, worries about messing up your car, etc...

D Day:
Harold agreed me to meet me half way @ a dyno facility. Plan was to run a dyno before and after the flash. With the dyno delays set aside, the whole flash process took ONE hour. 40 mins to read/scan your car, 5 mins delay for flash file being sent over via email, and 15 mins to flash your car. Harold simply plug his hand-held device to my ECU and that was it!!

To me the whole process was pain free, and the results was "jaw-dropping." Very smooth acceleration was my first reaction, along with much more power. I felt as if the car was a lot lighter, and it also responds faster. Once again, sorry for the lame terminologies if they were not "technical" enough. Warranty issue is only a flash or 15 mins away in case your going back to dealer for any service.

I am deeply satisfy with the LET flash, and also the service that Harold @ HP Autowerks provided.

Would I recommend LET over ESS or other flashes or piggys? That I can not answer, because the deal did not go thru with them. But LET and Harold did set a very high standard for others to beat. =)

I will have a follow up in a few days to let you guys know the MPG gain/loss.

For additional technical info please see :

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