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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Thanks, George... I did a search for MULF2 and not for High ULF-SBX-H, so I did not find your post.

This explains everything about that MULF2 installed by itself...
... and when it is installed in parallel with the TCU:

It seems that this MULF2 has to be "BT dormant" in the USA for the Assist to work, as both are obviously not compatible. However, if the MULF2 is an integral component of the 6FL option and in fact it is a BT module as well, why it cannot be activated/programmed for BT in the USA if the Assist option is not present? The other document copy of this module states that "Telephone functions are not implemented in this control module", however it is only applicable when the TCU and the High ULF-SBX-H are both (parallel) installed. Then, what happens when only the High ULF-SBX-H is installed like in aasd's particular case?

There is an antenna connection already made in this module, so the sucker should do something with it unless this is again another BMW part included with limited functionality in the USA.

Going to the dealer now is definitely imperative... damn, there is even a High ULF-SBX-H with iSpeech (Voice Control).

I found this pdf which may resolve the mystery of the MULF (High ULF-SBX-H) and BT functionality. It clearly says it could be enabled at least on the 1 series which they should be similar. Dealer is investigating...I showed them the doc and they think it is relevant only to Japanese exports. I think they are curiou$ a$ well. I'll know tomorrow if they are willing to take the car in and see if it can be done.

I do have options 620 (voice input), 609 (Nav), 6FL (USB) but not 640 (telephone prep) or ZPP (Premium package). I'm confused why 640 isn't there. The car is a E90 335i xDrive, 05/09 build. Cost cutting or no need for pre-wire with above options?

It also indicates that once you have option 620, you don't need another microphone for BT. It appears that's not the case if you want BT Assist which means the parallel TCU requires it's own microphone. However, I will need to move the microphone pins as indicated in the pdf.

So if I understand this correctly I may be able to enable BT by just adding an antenna, re-arranging the mic pins and code the vehicle. At least, I'm hopeful it can be done.

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