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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
I understand Obama is withdrawing a program that wasn't his because he doesn't agree with it, but he should be aware of any potential fallout that comes with that.
I haven't read up on this issue, but it brought to mind Jimmy Carter and his means of dealing with issues. I would expect that those who liked Carter policies will like this.

On the other hand, I happened to catch a little bit of the Michael Savage radio show yesterday. He was speculating that withdrawing the missile defense shield plan was in exchange for something. He explained that Israel had a meeting in Moscow the other day. He estimated that the Russians agreed to not take forcible action against Israel when Israel attacks Iran to destroy their nuclear program in exchange for not deploying the missile shield.

I don't buy it, but it is a thought.

For the most part, Obama just cozies up to the commies, so it is no surprise if he just "gives away the farm". I'll bet that Obama will start dismantling more of our nuclear warheads and probably other technologies and policies the U.S. put into place over the years. Obama is an America hater. Remember "Not God bless America. God DAMN America!" That was pounded into his feeble skull all his life.

Having said all of that, I am torn between differing ideas. I have always favored a strong America. However, we have too many entanglements with other nations. Perhaps it all needs to be reexamined. But I do not trust Mr. Obama in the slightest.
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