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Lightbulb New HPFP Installed :)

Hey guys...

Couldn't get online on the forum lately sorry for the late update... Anyways my mechanics fortunately had a working spare HPFP for my car at his garage, so I had the occasion to replace it and try it first in order to diagnose whether the problem is coming from the High Pressure or the Low Pressure fuel pump.

He installed it, and everything went back to normal which explained that it was the source of the problem...
So I went to the BMW factory and bought my HPFP (P/N: 13517592881), installed it and everything is working fine. I got out of that dark limp mode which makes you feel like you're driving a 4 Cylinders 316i and brought my car back into life. It felt great.

It's been nearly more than a week since I installed my new High Pressure Pump, and I don't know if I am having poor judgment here but I think my Boost power is starting to decrease again... I hope this isn't a start of another HPFP problem especially that I'm not on warranty and it cost me $690 to buy a new HPFP...

Till now everything is working fine but this Boost problem is frustrating me... I hope it's due to a Spark Plug issue which is practically and financially much easier to solve...

Anyone has symptoms of Decreased Power? Could this just be dirt in the Fuel? I'm having all those frustrations because this is how it started when my High Pressure Fuel Pump failed later on...

Here are a few photos of the HPFP Installation... (Sorry for the low Photo Quality, but I only had my Nokie 6680 Phone cam with me).

Peace pals.

Old vs. New Pump (You can obviously identify each one )

This is where the pump is located: