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K-CAN messages


Here is my 2005 E90 325i sterring whell buttons and the i-drive knob messages:

Previous track button press: 1D6 2 D000
Next track button press: 1D6 2 E000
Romboid button press: 1D6 2 C040
Star button press: 1D6 2 C010
Volume up button: 1D6 2 C800
Volume down button: 1D6 2 C400
Voice command button: 1D6 2 C001
Phone button: 1D6 2 C100

I-drive Menu button: 1B8 6 0FC5nnnnA16F (or 0FC4nnnnA16F, sometimes C4 sometimes C5)
I-drive knob press: 1B8 6 0FC1nnnnA16F
I-drive knob up: 1B8 6 00C0nnnnA16F
I-drive knob down: 1B8 6 04C0nnnnA16F
I-drive knob left: 1B8 6 06C0nnnnA16F
I-drive knob right: 1B8 6 02C0nnnnA16F
I-drive knob rotate right: 1B8 6 0FC0nnnnA16F (nnnn is increasing)
I-drive knob rotate left: 1B8 6 0FC0nnnnA16F (nnnn is decreasing)

nnnn min = 0000
nnnn max = FFFF (left byte is the lower byte)

After the I-drive knob returned back to the normal position (from every position): 1B8 6 0FC0nnnnA16F message is coming

Only the Menu button message is not clear for me.

Appreciate 1