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Thumbs up N55 | HP direct replacement FOAM AIR FILTER | DYNO'D

UPDATE: 0816
N55 DYNO Baseline

Name:  335 N55 Dyno_HP FoamFilter.png
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Dyno'd at MD Automotive - Dynojet
Name:  IMG_0469.JPG
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Name:  IMG_0470.JPG
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Name:  IMG_0472.JPG
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I drove over 1000 miles on it.
hot, cold weather, high elevation, you get it - ran it on the upper RPM's.

the filter work'd fine, no errors.
I didn't feel any power loss during the test - you hear a bit more induction sound and it seem to pull a bit harder on top, but may be just the sound affect. Only other performance mod I have are the RPI scoops.

I cracked open the intake to check out the foam filter.
little debris
Name:  IMG_0467.JPG
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With the dyno numbers it shows HP Foam filter with a 4-5whp gain.
Honestly, i'm more surprised with the numbers the N55 pulled baseline.
The foam filter did not cause any drop in HP, so for any members wondering... you don't have to wondering anymore.

I still have the filter on, for any N55 owners looking for a simple
performance mod, here's an option. I know that the foam filter was
being tested on a 135 DCT N55 as well.

Thanks Harold, the filter works great!


Hey hey, i got mail.

nice package - let's open it.
Name:  photo 2.jpg
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Harold at HP sent over a FOAM AIR FILTER for the N55 to me.
here's a link for more details.

I have no opinions, i'm not concerned,
honestly it's a direct replacement filter - I'm gonna pop it in and run

And, happens so, i'm going up north to a meet this weekend so i'm gonna run it long distance.
Let's see what happens.

"im' gonna beat the chit out of my bimmer!"

Harold maybe on my way back, i'll visit Creamiz in SB and stop by.

They'll picts in the photo section on my little journey up north.

oh what, it's a filter.
Name:  photo 3.jpg
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Foam? looks like i can wash dishes with this.
that's cool. well pack'd - looks like direct fitment - i'm gonna pop it in
the bimmer.
Name:  photo 4.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0683.JPG
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pop the metal tap
Name:  IMG_0684.JPG
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lift up, pull out stock filter
Name:  IMG_0685.JPG
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drop in new filter, pop tabs back on.
Name:  IMG_0687.JPG
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