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Originally Posted by Martin_hbg View Post
I have tried to set up so I can read the water temp inthe past but failed. i could not get out of the "01.xx" mode. If you can guide me through it i will be glad to test and report Sunday. I will pm you my cell number in case you have time guide me through over the phone.
1. Press and hold your milage reset button until you see 01.XXX[last 5 numbers of VIN]. Add those numbers up.
2. At the 01.XXX screen press and hold the button, then rapidly press and release it, and you will go up in number: 01.00, 02.00, 03.00...keep going and stop at 19.00. wait, and the screen will ask for your code. Your code is the number you got from adding those numbers. rapidly press and release the button, until you end at your number. You have now entered your code.
3. wait, and it should take you back to 01.XXX. rapidly press and release until you get to 07.00. Stop, and it will start reading your water temps. Fully start your car, and it will keep reading temps until you completely stop and turn off your car.