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What a difference a 1/2" makes...

Got the SPP front perches installed yesterday. And...

The first thing I noticed was when I sat in the car to drive away, I could see more of the road. Hard to believe, but...I was not looking for this change. It just hit the front end had shrunk. A friend who drove the car said the same thing. I love this 'cause, coming from an E46, the E92 seemed a little big for me. It just got a bit smaller feeling (like my E46 did when I had it lowered).

I drove the car pretty hard the evening I picked it up so that things would settle. And they did. I took pics this morning from the same place I took before pics - coming out of my driveway - and the results are just as advertised: It is 0.5-0.6" lower (and even a little lower from the front edge of the aero front to the road).

Overall, I am happy with the results. I wanted to drop the car more but it is impractical in my area. (I'd already scraped leaving a typical driveway). As it now sits, the car has a more aggressive rake and that little drop does make a significant difference to the "trained" eye...the ones from us motorheads, who spend waaay too much money for such a minor (but really kickass) change.

***More pics tomorrow from a better (previous) location showing the drop on level ground.***



Note: Car is at a slant coming out of driveway. This is NOT the distance from the lip to a level road.


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