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A word on reading oil temps from OEM gauges. I met a cool dude (Klammer) from the M3Post forums, and he took me out for a ride on his car (2011 M3 Sedan)! Awesome car, MUCH faster than my car, but you do notice the lack of low end torque I rode with him later in the day, when the ambient temps were 86F. His car didn't have a reduced power mode, or seem to suffer as much as mine from high temps, but after the 3rd lap, the car spuddered a lot, and had Noticeably reduced power. The OEM in car oil temp guage read 270F Max:

However the guages installed by IND, read:

Oil= 290F
Water= 220F
Oil Pressure= 65

I'm just wondering how good OEM in-car temp guages are. Our cars are programmed to prepare for "Limp" Mode at 290F, but our cars throw the engine reduced signal when our oil starts to go to 270F by the in-car guage. Just wondering if they are generally off, depending on where they are taking their measurement. Maybe at 270F in our cars, the actual oil temp is more like 290F, with a 20 degree difference just like in his M3? Hack?

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