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Originally Posted by PeterM1 View Post
100% distilled water with Mocool: Check
FMIC: Check
Oil Cooler: Check
Auto transmission in manual mode: Check (Would be crazy to attempt otherwise on the track)
traction control completely off: Check

All good points, at least in my case I'm already doing all of these.

Interesting comment about eliminating limp modes by turning off traction control, I didn't realize the effect on the transmission, I was under the impression that it kills rear pads only. Good info, thanks.
Power reduction from the DME does not always happen so only braking only is implemented a lot of the time with traction control. The brakes are applied but the engine is still being driven so the slip points are the clutches. The parasitic load is dumped into the transmission oil then into radiator through the oil/water heat exchanger.

A lot of this is going come down to what tune you are running in the end.
You might want to upgrade the radiator next. Was going to try this but did not need it in the end. It has been around for 3 year and is it one other better one with a decent slat design.