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Alright, got a oil cooler duct installed! Instead of the 335is oil cooler duct which was backordered for weeks and would have to be shipped from Germany, I got the transmission cooler duct for an M3. The M3 uses the same radiator in the same location for it's transmission as we do for our oil coolers. It bolts right into place, but trimming was required on the opening of the duct and brake duct to make it fit with the stock E90 bumper. The passenger side foglight is removed.

The part number for the duct: 51747900824, about $50 online.

Here's a picture of the front bumper off, with the stock 335i oil cooler duct still attached:

Jumping ahead, here's the M3 trans cooler duct attached, BEFORE trimming it to get the E90 bumper to fit.

And after trimming away quite a bit of the duct to fit the E90 bumper. Note foglight bulb still attached and zip tied in a baggie.

A comparison of the two ducts out of the car, this is the view of the opening of both ducts:

Another comparison that shows the huge difference in width of the opening of the 2 ducts (the top of the photo is the side that faces the bumper):

And finally, a view of the front of the car with everything buttoned up.

It ain't the prettiest thing, but the duct extends nearly all the way to the foglight opening and the opening is at least twice as big as the stock 335i one. I'm confident more air is going to the oil cooler, but if that actually helps oil temps will remain to be seen.

The pretty much useless brake ducts do fit with A LOT of trimming of the brake duct. I may have just left it off if I were to do it again. Hope this helps some folks if they decide to try it.

And yes, I have pink carpet in my garage. Don't hate.
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