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At the minimum you should get Z2Pro and ZFX. Z2Pro is the sealant (aka Wax), and ZFX is mixed into the Z2Pro to make it bond to the paint when you apply it.

If you want extra stuff, like quick detailer sprays, car washes, etc, then I'd recommend also getting other Zaino products like Z6 (QD), Z7 (Car Wash) and Z8 (Spray Sealant). If you have swirl marks that you want to remove, then ZPC will be another good buy. If you're getting leather then Z9 (Leather cleaner) and Z10 (leather conditioner) are also good products to consider.

For more information on detailing and how to apply Zaino, see the 'Detailing 101' article stickied at the top of this forum.