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Anyone considered: QTP/DMH Electric cutout?

Hey guys, I put this on the UK forum but got no response as this seems to be a more U.S predominant mod!

I got a mid sport exhaust fitted into my car last month which sounds absoloutley awesome. Its not intrusive and it just adds a deeper tone.

I want my car to sound more evil upon acceleration, without installing a louder backbox etc. I dont want my car to sound like an aeroplane whilst driving at 20mph.

I stumbled across these badboys! They are both leading manufacturers of electic cutouts. Basically, with a flip of a switch, you can control that raging exhaust sound. I'm not an expert but all I know is, there is a flap that opens upon flipping the switch and BOOM!

QTP Electric cutout:

DMH Electric cutout:


not sure what car this is on but good example of mechanism:


What do Y'all think? Legit?