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Need help. TCU Software - SOS light - MOST BUS

Hi guys...

I have an e93 335i 2008.

To make a long story short, my back glass was hit by a tree branch during a storm and water leaked in the trunk. The sad part is that I was not in the US at that time and when I got back, 15days later the car was all messed up.

I spent 3 months outside the US, so I had the car without insurance at that time.

I removed everything from the trunk and I see that the Amplifier (Logic 7) is perfect, it was replaced under warranty last year for a 2010 build. No water at all in that area, but the TCU is a different story. It was absolutely bad. I opened it and I almost die

SO I went ahead and ordered one from ebay, this one actually:

Different part number, but same connectors and according to realoem it should fit.

My actual issues are:
- SOS warning light ON
- NO audio coming from the professional audio system
- I cant access any bluetooth connection on my radio

I really need your help out guys. I'm a benz boy and I do have a lot of experience there. But nothing here...

Thanks in advance.



I fixed the TCU connector and now I do have audio. But no bluetooth yet.
If I leave the key in the ON position, with the radio ON, and disconnect the TCU and connect it back on, I will have Bluetooth and SOS working perfectly for as long as the car is ON. If I turn the car off, lock the doors and wait 5 minutes, then I won't have bluetooth... It's driving me crazy now. any help?

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