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Originally Posted by Ravenseal View Post
Forgive me for not reading the entire thread, but does anyone have any experience with aftermarket warranties being voided or have had claims rejected because of aftermarket parts that were NOT tied to the claim being made? Aka, does Magnuson Moss Warranty Act apply to third party warranties?

My car is currently in the shop getting its turbos replaced through an aftermarket warranty. The car is FBO, and has had some other warranty work done in the past too like water pump, etc. Now none of these replaced parts were after market of course. I dont expect them to replace my Downpipes for example. in general they have a good idea about what usually goes wrong with these cars, so you should not have issues getting coverage. Also, generally warranties offered through financial institutions are better and less likely to deny coverage.

With the N54, especially early models I strongly recommend getting an aftermarket warranty. The warranty will most likely pay for itself, especially if you dont have complete records, and some big ticket items have not been addressed.