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Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
I have the L7 no iDrive in my car. Due to some unforeseen circumstances (blew one of my under seat subs) I decided to do some upgrading.

1. Add in trunk Sub JL Audio W3v3 2ohm powered by a JL Audio JX500/1D this will be mounted in a custom corner box.

2. Replace under seat subs with SWS 8xis. ( I understand that these are not the best for midbass, and I am okay with that) I will be running these off a JL Audio JX250/1. I will wire them in parallel.

3. Technic Harness (Already purchased) The Add a sub wiring is pretty straight forward, no confusion there. Im a bit lost as to how to amp the under seat subs from the harness so if you have some insight I would appreciate it (if not im sure I can figure it out once I have everything.)

So if you guys could give me some feedback/suggestions on this. Id appreciate it. Thanks
The included pig tail (4 12AWG wires) connector is wired to your aftermarket amp outputs -in your particular case, to the JX250-1 amp outputs. Then you plug that pigtail into the harness -there is only one matching 4-wire connector in the harness. No way to plug it any other way.

That's it.