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Preview: Lux Angel Eyes for LCI Halogen (They're back!!)

See Second Post for update as of Feb 27 2012 and some tips on installing the unit on the drivers side!

Hello everyone!

I've been after Marc from Lux angel eyes for the longest time to make something for LCI Halogen headlights, to a point that I'd email him every week for an update on what the progress is. (Note: there has already been a product for the "ZKW" halogen headlights, but I have the "Valeo" ones.) Back in December, he sent me one of the designs to try it out, however it did not fit as was expected and he told me he'll bring back his previous design. Again the weekly updates started in January and finally first week of February he sent me his new design (similar to previous LCI design):

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Shipping/Customer Service: Lux has always been great with customer service and this was no exception. Even though I emailed Marc every week, he was awesome at immediately replying back and updating me on the progress. Shipping was fast too!

Due to my work schedule, although I was REALLY excited to put them on my car, I did not get a chance until a few hours ago. I've never changed a headlight bulb on any of my cars so I was kind of delaying it as well so I don't have to do it myself lol. Marc did send me his LCI Halogen install guide which I had to read a few times to understand what I have to do and finally give it a shot (Had another forum member help me out in the last try so I kind of had an idea on what to do - The best advice, make sure the car is not hot!)

Installation: On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being impossible), I would have initially given it 11 since I had no experience with changing the headlight bulb. However, I started with the passenger side and replacing the bulb took me about 15 mins maximum! It was as simple as taking the other bulb out and put LUX in place of it - perfect alignment for the screws. Replacing the passenger side is really easy! Definitely a 1. I was most worried about dropping one of the screws in the car so I was being extra careful. Although I did end up dropping a small flashlight in the car engine after the install lol. Thanks to my wife she was able to help me out with that!! IAs you'll see from the pictures, I haven't even touched the drivers side yet. The space seems quite less to work from the top but I'm still going to give it a shot tomorrow. If anyone have any suggestion, please do let me know! I'll definitely update on how that goes.

Performance: After turning them on, I was AMAZED at how bright they look, especially that both the rings have equal brightness. I absolutely love the new look. In Canada, DRLs are mandatory, but I got them coded previously so having only the AEs turn ON, looks really really good! Also haven't driven too much after the install but no errors so far.

Right now, I did not get a chance to try them out in the day. Once I replace the driver's side tomorrow, I'll take more pictures in daylight. (Being here in Toronto, hopefully it's not snowing, raining and is bright!)

Without further delay here are a few pictures that I was able to snap. I don't know how people take pictures from far so the rings shows properly so if anyone can let me know what settings I need on the camera, that would be great. Also please excuse the dirty headlights

In all the pictures, passenger side is LUX and the drivers side is stock:


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Comparison of LUX to Stock:

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Another angle:

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My failed attempt to capture them from a distance - Please tell me how I can take it properly? It seems bluish but its definitely not.

Name:  6.JPG
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I'll update this further with more pictures soon!!

Thanks Lux for helping the halogen folks out!

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