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Originally Posted by dr335is View Post
You stated that you paid $45 for your car, which is NOT loaded.
You also stated that the V6 Accord is about $33k
I guarantee you can get the base Civic for less than $16k

And BTW, don't take things/math too seriously...

PS: the base F30 is a complete junk!
I asked if you were reading because I said the MSRP on my car was $43,350, and if you wanted Xenons you were still under $45k. I also said I did not pay that, I paid $38k.

I still hold that loaded V-6 Accord's sticker for $31-34k, if I am wrong, show me loaded Accord for a decent amount less.

Again, Civics, show me the Civic for under $16k(and no not $15,895 lol)
edit: starts at $18k now!!!

I am not taking things too seriously at all. This debate has now been going around for awhile and all my counters are valid with 98% accuracy to back it up.

If I am off by a tenth or $100 bucks, I am still doing fine for myself lol.

Originally Posted by MonsterM View Post
I was trying to make a point that current two Japanese V6's I posted perform as good if not better than the turbo fours while returning similar fuel economy and the kicker is they are not even DI. In reference to tuning, I am all for tuning and the potential that the FI offers, however I do have some long term ownership concerns with a tuned 2.0T that utilizes 19 PSI max boost out of the box.
I agree they perform as good. I only took up with the posting of them being FASTER and just as economical. Fact is, they are within a stones throw in terms of performance and I can post faster F30's by a tenth as you find V-6's faster by a tenth. That is not FASTER, that's getting a bit nutty. Like I said, faster is the G37 and IS350. Then with EPA ratings, the N20 still holds a 10% plus advantage. In magazine testing you have what, the V-6 Coupe you just showed averaging 18?!?, I had a half day dyno session and my car still averaged 28, I think in magazine testers hands 23mpg might be the basement.

I have had boosted 4's from Saabs to VW's as one of my cars for 15 years now. They have been reliable(except for the VW lol) when maintained well. Don't think the N20 makes 19psi, it makes that as a peak, it's variable. Magazines had my Viggen @20psi, that was peak and dependent on things like elevation. In fact at sea level it would not peak above 13psi. But in the press, boost of "upto" 20psi sounded cool. When I tuned it to peak at 18psi, it was a whole other animal.

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