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Originally Posted by BMNewbstar View Post
Thank you for taking the time to write up a detailed post, John_01, very informative. I'll definitely keep an ear out for the ticking noise when I inspect some this weekend.

@pavo335 - why do you say that? It's not like I'm looking at a 116i! I just feel the 335i would be excessive for me. I know I can manage the ongoing costs of a 325i and I think in my price range, it represents a good quality and fun car. I can't help but think that the E92 is such a beautiful car and I'm relieved that it drives as well as it looks!

Anything else I should be looking at? Thanks!
cause you'll drive it for a while and say 'shit i wish i got the next model' the interior is way better and the performance (stock) is in another league.

imho the 325 is a try hard car, it screams 'hey look at me in the BMW' again imho for the same money i'd look at a pissat or golf first.