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Originally Posted by DougLikesBMW View Post
What would you consider to be 'good' brands for Whey and Casein?

P.S. I really need to go and get some of that raw milk again...oh how I crave it.
Raw milk is sooo good. I agree.

I prefer whole foods honestly as they contain all the necessary elements for full assimilation assuming that digestion functions properly. Shakes are beneficial post workout and no other time in my eyes.

There are a few powders that are solid though because they come from free range, healthy, grass fed cows and are capable of being assimilated into the body as the products aren't denatured during processing -- Imuplus, Ecletar de Sante, Mercola's wheys, Whey Natural (Ultralife Inc), Whey Stronger (Poliquin). Could also consider Goatein. Stay away from soy proteins (usually GMO and non-bioavailable among other things).