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i believe there is a misunderstanding. the format service i later said ok forget the free software and just posted that to whoever is interested knowing it will go w/e. i know all of the software cost well over $120, that was just for the reformat 2003 back in the day was like $350+.

yes in that post i was still doing ebay. not a full load as what i was doing before originally when ebay wasn't as strict and now everything came to a complete hault. i have no intentions to go back on the market to sell my gaming stuff. but when the time comes i need $$ again, ill be in. currently focusing on school.

how on earth am i asking money to build a csl... its just a plan and idea i have. and are you a lawyer b/c there are many people with csl badges and nobody gives a hoot. thats like saying everyone with "illegal" oem csl parts in the states are in copyright violation of bmw terms or w/e? people have oem csl parts, badges, and noone cares.

people have oem csl parts and they are in magazines in the states anyone care, no. im sorry to say but nobody likes a tattle tale. from

"a) OEM CSL parts are not legally available to non-CSL owners. This is a BMW policy which has never changed.
b) Having a CSL VIN in your pocket gets you nowhere. Knowing the OEM part numbers won't really help, either.
c) If you have enough money and a great deal of time, you might be able to find what you're after in OEM trim if you are extremely lucky and/or dealing with the right person; otherwise ...
d) ... the best course of action is generally to find a cloned component from a vendor with a reputation for good quality and superior fitment."

and also it wouldn't be a real csl, nor will it be ever 100%. it will be a us version csl with a few different mods from the original.