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Originally Posted by Mr Crutch 325i View Post
You are asking for money in the form of asking for a partner with money to help you open your shop and build your CSL (your first project), so again, making money off of a rip-off product, that is all I was saying with that last statement.

And there is no misunderstanding when your original post said you would give free office 2003, etc... You may have changed your tune later, but you started offering it.
how on earth am i just "asking for money to open a shop and build the csl debut car?" that is alittle harsh. im looking for a partner, one that has interest in my plans and can bounce ideas of eachother to maybe create something together. and how on earth is it a rip-off product? its not just about me asking for this and that, those are MY plans. having a partner will change everything, working together to find the best solution.

like i said i guess i wasn't thinking clearly when i typed about the free software. people were like hey its not such a good idea, etc but here you are being all harsh on me. and who cares if i offered it at some point? are you such a good saint you never did anything illegal before?

have you ever downloaded something illegally?