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guys i just got a interview at CEC. i saw on their site they had a sales openeing awhile ago so i just sent e-mail with info and waited. few days later the guy gives me a call and we talked about a good 45 minutes on their tuner lines, etc i guess it was a mini test of what i know.

after talking, he said he would like to meet me and i told him im from NY so i would have to look at my schedule and call you back. we both agreed i would call him back sometime next week to make arrangements, etc.

i really see this is an opportunity if i land the job. i will be a salesman and who knows after years i get bumped up and up and im in the top or maybe manager of a future NY shop, who knows.

only thing is i really don't like their work. i just see their cars to plane using just tuner line and thats it. i hardly see them putting anything out of the boundries of their tuners.

i know they need to use their tuners but i see it at a point of just overkill. you keep building lorinser sls, lorinser s550s, 335 ac schnitzer, etc but its just not my style.

i want to just suck it up and go for it but im thinking will i really be happy working on the cars they build? i can't argue on the porsches even though i would like to see other stuff in them.

i know i didn't write down fully what i mean in understandable terms but im just so ...."jebus i don't know"

i don't mind the move but just the cars there are seriously not my style. i want to just shutup go for it and who knows i can show them my ideas get involved them in the company and in the future they want to open a shop in NY which i can have in years.

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