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i too am worried about paying for college, getting a job, etc but you can't always be thinking about these things during college. just start saving every penny, etc and things will work out. i currently made an extra $400+ in 6 months from just collecting left over change in a cup lol. you don't have to pay 100% in school. i go to school and still have side things i want to do. no reason you can't multitask.

i currently have no loans and am just paying for interest while in school so i can get that paid off.

ebay id is personal info and i don't want to share that on the net. i could care less if you call me a liar just b/c i don't want to share that info. gl will school and your career.

if you want extra cash from ebay just make a store and start sellin digital items. set your outlook to automated mail based on payments and just sit back and relax. sell game guides, game hacks, gunbound items are hot, etc. you buy other people for their price lets say $13 and you sell for $11 or 12. that $11/12 is all yours.

once a new update is available buy it from another and keep being competitive with your pricing and manage your store.