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Question Popping sounds after coding/SG_reset professional HU


This is not directly 3 series relevant but alot of info i found on google was located here, so i figured it must be alot of people that knows alot about this stuff on here, so please forgive me

My problem is that i bought a 09/10 professional HU with usb and bluetooth to retrofit to my 07 E87 with hifi, aux and the business HU (the pro HU also have the MOST connection). I put it in to test, and it worked, it showed bluetooth phone and i paired my phone to it and it worked great, music was playing through the aux and all was good. Did not show USB tho.
When checking the "secret" menu, it said "Stereo" under the Audio menu, and i have Hifi.

After reading alot on here, i changed my VO, removed 662 (business HU) and added 663 (pro HU), also added 6NN and 6FL. This still did not change it to Hifi, so i found out that a SG_reset should do the trick. So i did, and the hifi showed up and all was good. Found out later that the BT phone and voice command dissapeared after this, but i figured i could add them back later.

But after that, it started making popping sounds every 2-3 seconds, and i found out that the popping comes along with the red light (flashing in the back of the HU) from the MOST turning on and off.
My car does not have any MOST connection, so i guess it looks for it for some reason.. Weird thing is that it did not do this before.

It came out of a E91 with "Stereo" as far as i know from the settings in the .trc file i read out with NCS before i reset it.

So i have two problems:

-What can i do to get rid of the popping sound, and deactivate MOST?

-I changed my prod. date to 03/11 and added the 6FL and 6NN again, but bluetooth did not show up again, cant seem to get it back either.. What might be the problem?

Again, sorry for not posting directly related content, but i have looked all over the internet but i cant seem to find anything about this. I might be using the wrong words. Hope you can forgive me.

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