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Originally Posted by NirvGas View Post
HAHAHA I couldn't believe this worked - I was at the end of my tether with trying to code - I could read the code for the FRM3 Module - I could write it successfully according to NCSexpert, but no change (trying to disable cold/warm check for LED's). I have trawled the web, read forum posts all day sunday / tuesday. I'd put the laptop away last night and gave up to be honest - was pissed at the whole thing.

I stumbled across this by complete chance. YEAH BABY it works!

Thank you!

I can gurantee that isn't the fix for EVERY NCS issue - especially FRM3.C32

Never said it was....

He said he was using factory coding profile to code asp_komfort_einklapp from nit active to active.

for the above change, the manipulation profile should be used.
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