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Originally Posted by JO3 View Post
Thanks for the estimates spn!

Instead of doing all the dots at once, you should have made a new post every day, with a new dot added each day. Just so we have something to get excited about
LOL. I know. I thought that, too. We do need some little piece of news everyday to satisfy our addiction, well, my addiction anyways, as we wait out this part of the tracking.

I intended on posting a very cool link this morning that shows what these cars look like as they are tied down inside the ship. It is amazing how close together they pack them into these ships, and on numerous levels of the ship, too. Someone, somehow got to go onto a ship once and take photos and they posted them on this particular web site (of the link I wanted to post this morning), but that web site is down today! I was disappointed. This particular web site is up and down all the time, but it is very cool when you do get to see the photos this guy took onboard the ship. It is of all these BMWs as they are in transport. Here is the link anyways. Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised and it will come up sometime this week (something to look forward to :-))