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Exclamation i'd say an angel was watching over us both...

Sup ppl...
i figured i'd share how my saturday night was...

was bout 2 am on a saturday night Jan.2nd, picked up a female friend who lives on angeles crest street and we headed up angeles crest mountain... was taking her to a view spot for, u know...neways. at mile marker 30.65, no speeding no nothing, max i went was 35mph.came up to a pretty bad ass turn...the second i turned i saw 3 animals of some sort kicking it on the road. i panicked, swirved, hit the brakes, hit dirt road which didnt help me from stopping. flew straight off the ledge... flips+turns+tree+flips+turns+flips and landed on 3 rocks 426 feet down the mountain...Both of us are okay...walked out clean...i just have a fractured collar bone and my whole left side is killing me like crazy. the female is perfectly fine, just a few cuts n bruises. are pics...
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