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Originally Posted by Lassaxi View Post
You said it, not me.

Look, I don't disagree with a lot of what you said, but here is my real point: It is entirely possible for someone like the OP to call his CA and work something out so that he gets into the car he wants and neither "loses his shorts" nor a huge chunk of change. I know people who have worked out deals where the CA has had an interested buyer, and has been willing to take a leased are back at or near the beginning of the lease (in one case only 3 weeks after the lease began) in order to get the customer into a more expensive model. In each case, all the customer lost was down payment and sales tax. That may or may not be a lot of money depending on how much you put down, but it is by no means losing your shorts. If you're really a CA and you've never heard of this happening, then I don't know what to tell you.

I don't know what the used car market is like in Northern CA. I don't know what condition the OP's car is, how many miles he has on it, or whether his CA could do a quick flip on it or not, which is why I said up front that it may or may not work. But my original point is that there is no harm in him trying, because it could work. Your original point was that it can't work. That's pretty much the beginning and end of our disagreement.
Yes, actually it would be a large chunk because what used to be a new car turned into a used car unless they were able to stop the process before it was titled. In that case it would probably be a week or less. If not, your friend lost the money he put down and probably increased his payment from what it would have been originally on the more expensive car.

The original post said he was wondering if he could get out of his lease with 22 payments left and then mentioned he wanted to get into a $750 M3 payment. Well with all of the negative equity and LOW estimate of an M3 payment he should keep his current car and wait it out. So, I stand by the original post and advise him not to do it.

Are we done now?