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Originally Posted by skim7x View Post
I have Dinan stage II flash and here were my numbers:

Dyno Run 1: 328.2rwhp; 349.2rwtq
Dyno Run 2: 328.9rwhp; 359.4rwtq
Dyno Run 3: 323.6rwhp; 361.5rwtq

These numbers are higher than the OP's (not sure why because I was on dynojet also).

These numbers are on par with Dinan's claim of 380hp and 420ftlb. Just to round:

330rwhp = .868 x 380hp = 13.2% drivetrain loss (acceptable)
360rwtq = .857 x 420tq = 14.3% drivetrain loss (acceptable)

And note, these numbers were done in 99F, 25% humidity weather.

I think it's a little premature to say that Dinan is "sketchy" and imply that they are lying about their figures without more information. Do you really think Dinan would become the success they have on a foundation of lies? Do you really think you're the first one to question and check their numbers?
342rwhp vs your 327rwhp = 15rwhp down from what Dinan wanted to sell you.
It's just disappointing to me. When you got your car on the dyno weren't you really hoping to see at least 342 and maybe closer to 350 if you were lucky.
The actual #'s have always been less than Dinan's promise.
Has anyone dyno'd more than Dinan's posted #'s?