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Originally Posted by Garissimo View Post
Yet you constantly appear in these threads to bash Dinan when someone so much as whispers about using a Procede equipped car as another data point.

Dinan has a well publicized white paper on how they do dyno testing and how they establish crank hp numbers. The fact that your estimation of horsepower may be conservative in comparison doesn't make them liars or frauds.

If your product is making more power, you should put your marketing skills to use to take advantage of that and show that in a no-nonsense way. Whining about the competition "not playing fair" hardly does your product or your company justice.

I respect your tuning expertise, but you have a ways to mature before you call yourself one of the "big boys". I have no strong bias in favor of any particular tuner but notice you are awfully quick to rip into your competition and extremely defensive when you get called on it.
I'm sorry if you feel that stating the obvious is "ripping into" competition.

As for different companies using a more conservative or aggressive method of calculating flywheel hp, it really shouldn't matter. Because in the end its up to common sense and better judgement. Sometimes a tuner needs to ask himself, "Shouldn't a 3500lb that makes 390bhp to run quite a bit quicker than 106-107mph trap speeds?"