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The numbers are what they are. What it comes down to is your faith that the system (whatever ECU flash/piggy you are running) will work without fail. I'm a tuner at heart and would love to squeeze every bit of performance out of my 335, but cost is a major issue, both on the front and back ends. Personally, I would love to get bigger gains with v3 and for a cheaper price, but I also can't forget that I just spent $51,000 on this car. If I only spent $5k on a Honda and decided to throw in another $15k for mods, I wouldn't feel nearly as bad if the thing blew up cuz I could still afford to rebuild two entirely new cars for the same price as one 335 with mods. So for me, I'd rather spend an extra 1% of the price of my car and sacrifice a few hp in exchange for an insurance policy. I have absolutely no way of knowing whether I would ever encounter catastrophic problems in either situation, but it's something I'm OK with, and something I think all current and future Dinan owners should accept if/when they choose that route.