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Vendor Reviews

Hi Everyone,
I joined E90post a couple of months before purchasing my E92 335i, and within the space of a year, I've gone from bone stock to FBO minus an intake. I've dealt with a number of vendors on this forum, and just wanted to give feedback on my dealings with all of them.

Vishnu Performance
This is where it all started. After doing a lot of research on the the available tunes for the N54, I decided that the Procede Rev3 V5 suited my long term goals most completely. After a couple of conversations with Shiv and Robert, I sent them my payment via paypal and received my tune within a week (shipped all the way to Hong Kong!). The product itself has worked flawlessly, and Shiv has always responded to any questions I've had in a timely manner. In fact, when I blew off my flimsy stock chargepipe, Shiv helped me diagnose the issue and explained how to repair it at some unearthly hour on the West Coast!
I also purchased my AE Exhaust from Vishnu, and they gave me a great deal and followed it up with great exchange service after DHL slightly damaged the mid-pipe.

Stett Performance.
I was initially planning on purchasing my AST 4100's from HPA because I'd read a lot of positive reviews on these forums. However, my personal experience with them was disappointing at best. I wrote Harold a couple of emails and despite answering promptly, his responses were curt and he didn't answer any of my questions fully. I contacted the other forum sponsor that sells AST's, but they took over 2 weeks to respond by which time I'd already completed the transaction with Stett. My only complaint dealing with Stett was that sometimes it took them 4-5 days to respond to emails when i had specific questions. It felt like I was making the sale for them to some extent! Despite the minor inconvenience, Chad was very professional and helpful and they too gave me a great deal when it was all said and done. The springs and shocks arrived separately but were extremely well packaged for the long haul trip they had to endure. I was very impressed.

E92 Lighting
This company has gotten a lot of grief on this forum, and I too had a little bit of a tough time dealing with Derek initially. I emailed him regarding some MTEC Angel Eyes, and he responded suggesting I get DTEC's instead as they were cheaper and offered about the same quality. To cut a long story short, the DTEC's sucked and arrived over a month after I ordered them. After a little bit of wrangling with Derek, he ended up coming through for me, and I ended up with a set of MTEC's and a free foglight's for the trouble he put me through. Overall, I had a positive experience with him. Derek needs to work on his bedside manner, but he's a good guy overall, and I have since ordered E92-Lighting again.

Duke Dynamics (Bimmerkit)
I ordered my 3 fin FRP quad diffusor from these guys. The whole process was pretty uneventful aside from them screwing up my address when they sent the item out for delivery. I got a phone call directly from Bimmerkit when they realized their mistake, but I received the diffusor a few days late - not a bid deal. The diffusor itself fit fine, but the finish left a lot be desired, and my body shop had to do quite a lot of prep work to avoid it looking like a pimpled adolescent's face.

Top Gear Solutions
I ordered my ER charge pipe and BOV from Jeff and he was very professional and prompt in his responses. He gave me a great deal, however there were a few questions that I wished he answered more thoroughly. I know that there are people with higher levels of understanding when it comes to installing aftermarket products on their cars, but if he'd elaborated a little bit more on the answers to questions I had, my chargepipe installation would have gone a lot smoother.

Probably the best customer service I've ever experienced. Tiago is extremely helpful and patient. I ordered two intercoolers (one for a friend), and my downpipes from VRSF, and Tiago just went out of his way to answer all of my niggly questions thoroughly. He even took delivery of my chargepipe and BOV from Jeff and repackaged them and sent everything on it's way to Hong Kong. This is a gem of a company and I wish Tiago continued success for all his hard work and dedication. Oh, I'm very happy with my Intercooler and Downpipes as well
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