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Originally Posted by Chappers 71 View Post
If he's not getting a reduced engine power light under hard acceleration then you can just live with westgate rattle. Mine rattled from 80,to 109,000 miles until they no longer held boost.
One way to lessen this annoyance is with MHD "wastegate rattle fix" i would only used this if its only a rattle and no other symptoms though.

Previous owner of mine replaced the turbos with standard ones. and its happy running 400bhp with supporting mods.

If i was to go to the hassle of replacing turbos myself and going to keep the car for a while i would definitely put some hybrids in instead. Especially looking at the recent options from Littco. you can easily run hybrids on a standard car, just would need a remap to suit. No need for FBO, unless chasing higher power figures.