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Please let me know what you find out.
Ended up buying the Üro 11127570292 valve cover from ECS for $297 and installed it last weekend. So far, I'm impressed. It came with all of the captured bolts and gaskets pre-seated. It literally came out of the box ready to install.

Quality wise, save for the voltage warning sticker, I couldn't tell the difference between the new Üro cover and the old OEM one. Material and finish seemed nearly identical.

In terms of functionality, I'm sure it will hold oil (especially if the bolt tightening sequence is followed and the correct torque specs applied). I will say that, compared to the old (likely broken) stock PCV valve, there is a more pronounced hiss upon engine shutdown as the pressure in the PCV system dissipates. Nothing disconcerting, just more noticeable than before.

Overall, I'm happy with it for now!