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Originally Posted by CPWINCH
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The n55 has a chargepipe that will break with a few extra pounds of boost, they made installing a tune much harder(having to tap into all sensors) and put a tiny turbo that doesnt make much power.
The n55 was made to stop people from tuning theyre 335's.
Bmw put the n54 in the 1m for a reason, its a collectors car and they wanted to give them the more powerfull and more tunable engine.
Now whether the m3 uses a worked n54 or n55, it doesnt matter, its a reworked engine, not stock so it doesnt mean anything.
i have been running 16-17 pounds of boost for a year and a half. still on stock charge pipe. You're retarded dude. It is not about stopping us from tuning its for economic purposes. If you take a simple economics class you will understand running a business has a lot to do with efficiency. To be efficient you basically have to make the same product with less material or time. By introducing a single turbo and adding a cheap plastic charge pipe etc they reduced amount of materials needed and can basically create the same car but for less money. Same thing goes with your 1m and 335is statements. They had to do something with the left overs!

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that's a bunch of crap, coming from a n55 owner. let's consider some facts:

-1//m uses n54
-335iS uses n54

the n55 is under-performing with the same mods/tuning as the n54. so, with downpipe, intercooler, and 15+ psi, you'll be nowhere near a n54 with the same hardware/tuning. the n55 is a crap motor that's about to be rendered obsolete when the 2013-14 340i and 440i come out.
Please explain how an engine with a smaller turbo automatically makes it a crap engine. I understand if you do not like it but at least have an educated reason. Don't just say its a crap motor because the turbos cannot handle the same amount of boost as a N54.

disclaimer: I don't give a fuck about the N55. I am getting an S65 next week
Thanks for confirming what I said..they skimped out on expensive parts that were used on the n54.
Because theres no point in putting parts that can support 400whp when the car is sold as a 300crank hp car.
And Im sure your getting the s65 because you werent happy with the power you got after tuning your car?
Either way, enjoy it.