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Originally Posted by Beemw335 View Post
Judging from all your posts on this thread, you clearly regret buying the n55, and regret not getting an n54 and now have made it your goal to convince others how the n55 is superior to the n54( which makes more power than the n55 with less mods)
Actually I do not regret buying an N55 at all. Actually my next car will be an N55 as well, either an F10 or F30. I am talking about STOCK vs STOCK. Not about modding, we all know the N54 makes more power modded. Thats no secret. The N54 has also had more R&D time in the modding scene. The N55 is a better motor stock vs the n54, its fact. Why do you think it is offered in EVERY PRODUCTION BMW Model that is on the market today and in the fortcoming years?? I didnt buy my car to try to squeeze every 10hp. I dont give a shit if an N54 makes 20hp more then my car with the same mods. I own, build and drive cars that make more then twice the HP these cars make on a daily basis.

Originally Posted by BmwECY View Post
that's a bunch of crap, coming from a n55 owner. let's consider some facts:

-1//m uses n54
-335iS uses n54

the n55 is under-performing with the same mods/tuning as the n54. so, with downpipe, intercooler, and 15+ psi, you'll be nowhere near a n54 with the same hardware/tuning. the n55 is a crap motor that's about to be rendered obsolete when the 2013-14 340i and 440i come out.
Whats a bunch of shit? What facts? Yes we know the 1M and iS have an N54 so?

Did you ever step back and think from a BUSINESS standpoint why they have these motors in them. Lets see.

What is the 1M. Its a 1 series body, with full M3 components, suspension, diff etc. It has an N54 which is not produced anymore. It has suspension components that will not be produced anymore. Hmm..... looks to me BMW wanted to put this car out to off load all the extra inventory they had on all of these components, motor, suspension etc because they are no longer used. What else were they going to do with them? They would sit in the warehouses and collect dust. BMW was smart to put the N54 in the 1M and iS when they could. They had all that money sitting there that would have turned into a loss. They didnt put the N54 in there because it was better. They did it for a profit. They could have easily put an N55 in those cars and added software. There is nothing special about it. Its a 30-40hp difference! lol