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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
They have a Z06 fitment too...

Combined with high grip R-comps or Slicks is where the floating discs really shine, not only does it let you brake harder, longer, and more consistent, it let's you take full advantage of the R-comp's additional grip by dissipating all that heat in a more manageable way.

I remember the first time I ran with R-Comps on "track pads" the result wasn't pretty. I'd have brake for about half a dozen laps, and then all of a sudden they'd go away despite it being "track" pads. With R-Comps speed is increase all around and therefore there's a ton more heat to dissipate.
Just curious.... what track pads would you recommend? Right now I'm running PFC 01's which seem to be doing ok. A couple friends are running Carbotech XP10's and love em. Also there are the hawks but I've heard mixed reviews on those.