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Originally Posted by SpiralOut View Post
Just curious.... what track pads would you recommend? Right now I'm running PFC 01's which seem to be doing ok. A couple friends are running Carbotech XP10's and love em. Also there are the hawks but I've heard mixed reviews on those.
PFC 01 and 06es are great from what my friends tell me. I've ran Cobalt XR-3s and Hawk DTC-60s and love them as well.

You'll find that pad preferences are like @ssholes. Everyone's got one. The fact of the matter is, when you get to the upper echelon of track pads, they all do what they're advertised to do. The main difference will be their bite and release characteristics, initial torque, and their pedal consistency. And those are the little nitty gritty details that will have one person prefer one brand over the other, because EVERYONE brakes differently.

For example, I have a heavy foot when it comes to braking. Not the smoothest of operators when it comes to the middle pedal. So between the XR-3 (high initial bite, quick release, high consistent torque) and the DTC-60 (moderate initial bite, smooth release characteristics, consistent and linear torque), the DTC-60 was a slightly better pad for my particular driving "style." However, my friend loves the Cobalt because he's super smooth with the braking and the high initial torque allow him to rapidly slow down on the beginning of the braking and thus he can afford to brake later, swears by the Cobalt.

However all my friends who club races and are far more senior than I am in terms of experience all swore by PFCs, even if they don't get sponsorship from them. They're all happy to PAY full retail for PFCs.

So my recommendation is, if you haven't found a set of pads you LOVE? Try out different pads. If you're happy with the result so far? Why not stick with it?
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