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Originally Posted by hanmaas View Post
Could someone post two pictures showing where to feed the wires on the drivers and passenger side? I'm having a hard time finding the entry points from the engine compartment.
If you look in the engine compartment above both wheels you will see a bundle of wires routed and tied down. These cables are attached to the top side of a metal section; you will have to feed your draw wire underneath that metal piece (and above the plastic wheel well liner) to the sidemarker.

After attempting to guide the draw wire to the passenger's side marker for 5 minutes, I decided to remove the three screws that hold the plastic wheel well liner in place. This allowed me to create an opening between the front quarter panel and the wheel well liner above the wheel. I fed the draw wire first from the engine compartment to the opening and then to the sidemarker. The washer fluid tank makes it much more difficult to push the draw wire through on the passenger side. I would recommend pulling the wires through on both sides before cutting any wires.

MANY THANKS TO ALEX FOR POSTING THIS! This mod allowed me to pass the technical inspection in Poland (on my imported 335i) without any other modifications to the front lamps.

FYI, the LED load equalizers are more commonly referred to as heatsink resistors. There are many vendors that sell these online.