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Originally Posted by hanmaas View Post
Thanks for the thorough description. I am in fact having difficulties finding a heatsink with 15-25 ohm. Closest ones I found are either 10 ohm or 47 ohm. Would the 47 ohm work or is it too high?
I found plenty of German online electronic stores that sell 25W 15 Ohm heatsink resistors by typing the following into Google: "25W 0R15".

For example:

I also should've mentioned that the plastic wheel well liner is not held in by just three screws. I removed the three that are the closest to the top and this was enough for me. After removing the screws, I had to forcefully separate the liner from the panel to create an opening between the two. As someone previously mentioned, those having a very difficult time with this part of the install can remove the front wheels and then the entire plastic liner; this will give you unobstructed access to the sidemarker area and the engine bay.

Removing the sidemarkers should not require any screwdrivers either. Just push the sidemarker towards the rear end of the car and then pull the opposite (front) side away from the panel.