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I have had this problem on both my E46 320D & my new E90 320D. The reason I bought the E90 was due to the fact that Scotthall BMW couldnt rectify the 'rattly door' issue even with the Teflon tape that just snarled itself up and made a right mess. Within the first few days of being the 'proud' owner of an E90, the car was returned for the very same fault. I havent had time to take the car back for 18 months but with it beginning to sound like a 20 year old taxi, and getting absolutely no driving pleasure from it, I searched the internet and found that I was not the only one with an rattly car. I found that putting a PTFE lubricant on the seals quietened the doors down by around 90%, the other issues were rattly dash, rattly parcel shelf, rattly centre console (under the air con controls) and rattly A pillars. (Not been lucky have I?) Scotthall BMW had the car in a few weeks ago when I finally managed to get some time off and cleaned and 'resat' the seals but three weeks later they are beginning to creak/moan again. I have booked the car in again and given Scotthall an ultimatum that they should provide a permanant repair or take the car back. Its only just gone 2! Has anyone had any real joy (forgive the pun) at getting this problem fixed without having to resort to applying lubricants to the seals?