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Is my problem possibly linked?

Originally Posted by PeterM1 View Post
On related news, I can now reproduce the traction-based limp mode.

At NJMP Lightning, at the track-out point of the lightbulb where the surface transitions from banked to level, I sometimes lose traction for a fraction of a second. This is at WOT, around 6000rpm and 100-110mph, with all nannies off and yes, an LSD. Right before the shift to 4th. When that happens, I get an immediate limp mode, which leaves no error codes stored on the computer.

Pit in, restart car, and pit out. Without codes stored, not sure how to troubleshoot this further.
Nice that it happens just in front of the pit entrance...

Autocrossing last week - tight BMW CCA NJ course - WOT 2G at fastest (short) straight - quick jog left, touch brake, pull right to enter mini-lightbulb - and engine cuts out with engine malfunction light. First time with a new limp mode for me - stuttering with misfires. Bizarrely, this happened at exactly the same place on my next 2 runs with same result - not the classic power-loss limp mode, but engine revs way down, no throttle response, loss of power steering. Limped through rest of course, restarted, and was fine, until the same next right-hander.
DTC was off. Others thought it might be a LPFP/fuel starvation problem because I had only a quarter tank of gas. At home, saw a 5E19 code - ECU loses communication - possibly a loose connection? Nothing else.
Now you mention DTC - is it possible my LM was wheel-spin related? Has this happened to you going over the hill at Lime Rock?