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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Hey guys, I'm targeting my first track day in November (haha heat gremlins, eat cool air), and I'm trying to get together my reliability/trackworthy mods before I go. So far here's what I'm doing:

1> Stett Stg 2 oil cooler (my car is a 2008 E92 335 with no oil cooler)

2> Wavetrac LSD + powerflex subframe bushings + eibach/hotchkiss swaybars (figure I'll do the swaybars since I'll have the subframe out) -- any suggestions on swaybar selection?

3> Racing brake caliper/rotor upgrade in the front or a stoptech front kit; haven't been completely sold on either yet.

I realize some of this is overkill but I'm an experienced racer (raced motorcycles in the 90's, had a mkiv supra TT and a C5 Z06, sold in '06) so I want the car to hold together and I plan on doing more mods later.

Anything else you can think of besides the usual flush/fill with 80/20 water coolant/wetter/40w oil/flush brakes fill with motul 600/etc ?

I know there's nothing I can do if my VANOS craps out at the track besides replace it afterwards, but I'm trying to knock down the pins I can.

you got it covered

Also, no need for a BBK if you invest in a good rotor/pad setup. My only advice is to have a way to read/reset codes (via BT or tune etc) while at the track so you don't lose track time.