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Originally Posted by jeremicium View Post
Just got AG M310s in Matte Black installed. I ordered the wheels on 31 Oct, recieved them via UPS ground on 09 Nov. I think there was a bit of a delay due to SEMA. A number of SOCAL vendors I called where out of office due to the big show. Either way, 9 days for delivery from SOCAL to Washington State.

I placed the order via phone, invoice was e-mailed to me immediately, tracking number was e-mailed to me once they were on their way.

I had a bit of a snag with installation. Apparently not all 3 series have the same TPMS valve stems. The ones that were on my car were not compatible with the AG M310s. I am told that this is not the norm, most wheels TPMS valve stems will swap right out. The reason for this may be that my old wheels are 230s, not very common and they may need a longer stem than the more common BMW OEM wheels. I called Need4Speed while at the tire shop, they were very helpful and worked with the installer to troubleshoot and come up with a solution. Luckily I was able to find suitable valve stems at my dealership. 70 mile round trip later and the wheels were installed before then end of the day.

Overall I got a good feel for the customer service philosophy at Need4Speed. They were clearly concerned with helping me resolve the little TPMS valve stem snag. Also, little things like remembering and using my name during our phone conversation goes a long way towards building a good relationship with the customer.

Based on my experience, which included a very good price, I highly recommend these guys.

Here's a crappy twilight Android pic of the new shoes:
Thanks for the kind words. Love how the wheels came out. Please post more photos when you get the chance.

Enjoy your new shoes