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Oh no. You're car is going to self destruct tomorrow. Go buy a warranty! Just kidding man. I had a 2007 335i and soon after the warranty expired, little things went wrong but not enough to justify a 3-4k warranty. I got turbos replaced from the wastegate rattle at 81k miles, which is about a $6k job if you are over 82k miles. It has an oil leak at the oil filter housing. A fairly easy and inexpensive DIY. And there is a slight oil leak coming from the oil pan. More intensive, but again, not super expensive. LPFP is bad. I think it's about $160 and a simple DIY. And the clock spring is bad. About a $120 fix. Replaced the water pump at 75k miles. Got one new for $300. So I am going to spend less than $600-800 and be running strong. I'm selling it to a friend as we speak and he's not worried at all. But if you don't have the time, tools, space, and mechanic ability to fix things yourself, you may want to get a warranty. If you go over a few days, they will still sell you one because it obviously helps their numbers.
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